Linguistic Data Consortium for Indian Languages (LDC – IL)

Project Details

August 18, 2015

Project Description

LDC-IL handled the issues surrounding collection, processing and annotation of the quantities of linguistic data where practitioners of a number of disciplines like linguistics, computer science, statistics, engineering etc. Were involved. Corpus linguists use several computational methods when analyzing their data whereas the computational linguists are dependent on computer-readable linguistic data to use in their research and in building practical tools and programmes. The of high quality language data with defined standards has been on demand for a long time in India , and this project fulfils that need. CIIL, Mysore and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, IITs of Bombay and Madras, and the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, etc., set up a Linguistic Data Consortium for Indian Languages (LDC-IL).

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