National Testing Service (NTS)

Project Details

August 18, 2015

Project Description

The NTS will help fulfill the following objectives:

  • To make decisions on inter language comparability across the courses in Indian languages at the national level.
  • Intra language comparability across the courses in a particular Indian language at the regional level
  • accrediting these courses as well as institutions that involved in imparting them at various stages of education
  • Also to determine the language competence of an individual in the NL/SL/FL on a common scale, for the purposes of admission (based on the domain norm and criterion)
  • Provide the necessary certification (based on the minimum levels of learning)
  • Create employment (based on the performance). The immediate beneficiaries of this mega project will include the agencies like the UGC, UPSC, IBPS, SSC, the PSCs, RRBs, SRBs, etc. The project will formulate concept based continuum of graded syllabi for the courses in Indian languages applicable to all the seven levels of general education, This task will be taken up in three languages (Hindi, Tamil and Urdu) initially.
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